Refrigerator Compressor

  • Refrigerator DC  Compressors
Refrigerator DC  Compressors

Refrigerator DC Compressors

  • Item:DC 12V/24V/48V Compressors
  • Refrigerant:R134A/R600A
  • Application:DC refrigerators
  • Model:QDZH25G
  • Product description: Refrigerator DC Compressors,dc compressors, 24v/12v/48v compressors , QDZH25G,QDZH30G,QDZH35G,

DC Compressor

Suitable for Small Water Dispenser ,Small Refrigerator ,Small Freezer, Small Wine Cabinets and others Small Cooling Applications,Used for car,ship,and camping

Refrigerator system requirement:in case the ambient temperature is 43C,The input Power of DC compressor should not be over 120 watt

The main feature:Small volume ,light weight,less vibration,high efficiency ,low noise,good reliability,

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