How to maintain a roll bond evaporator?

A roll bond evaporator, a main heat exchanging part of refrigerator or freezer, which is the sucking heating inside of refrigerator or freezer, and transferring heating to condenser, And then making heating off into air. finishing a heating recycle.

A roll bond evaporator comprises two overlapping layers of aluminum sheet between which a channeling configuration is constructed in which the exchange fluid (gas or liquid) circulates.

Roll bond evaporator is an excellent heat exchanger that guarantees 100% primary exchange,

The absolute production flexibility of the technology used enables an unlimited number of types of channeling to be created, making the roll-bond suited to any type of use requested by customers.

The roll bond evaporator is supplied for use in high-efficiency domestic refrigerators and freezers and in professional units, for example, cold rooms for wine, cheese, cakes and deserts, ice cream used in catering and food services, for example, in the Large-Scale Retail Channel, and complies with the most demanding requirements established by the European New Energy Label. Furthermore, A roll bond evaporator has applications in the medical field, for example, in transportable first aid and emergency units, blood banks, and cryostats in general. A roll bond evaporator can be used in a hybrid form, with ventilation systems, also forced ventilation in a concealed configuration, and in view, using traditional gases (R134A or R600) and also the latest R1234yf.

Although A roll bond evaporator are wildly applied in many refrigeration unit, and Low cost, and high conductivity of heating exchange, the main parts was made by two layer of aluminum panel, whatever installation, and appliance, you must be care about maintaince

Item1.Do not use the unsuitable refrigerant in your cooling system.

the mainly refrigerant is 134A AND R600 and other traditional gases, except these gas, the low quality refrigerant could harm a roll bond evaporator inside, and rust inside surface

of roll bond evaporators. Especially it will rust in welding point of roll bond evaporator body and suction tubes. In order that micro leaking happened in the point. Which cost you pretty much, even the whole unit will be broken

Item 2.Do not charging too much gases in your unit

Please charging the right kilogram gases in your unit, every unit has their standard gases standard, too little or too much is not workable, which will make a bad effect on heating exchanging, and also broken your compressor.

Item 3. Cleaning roll bond evaporator interval a period time.

Thought a long time working! Roll bond evaporator cooling effecting will be lower and lower, the main reason is that it will freezer a layer of ice on the surface of roll bond evaporators, the ice layer stops the heating exchanging, For keeping the pointed temperature, the compressor has to cost more energy to get the same cold or temperature, which take a lots of load on compressor and the whole cooing system, in this case, we have to defrost roll bond evaporators, ,remove the frost and ice on the surface of roll bond evaporators .


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