Refrigerator Condenser Introduction

Article by John Walker

Refrigerator Condensers named wire &tube condensers, or wire on tube condensers, surely

You can short it “wire tube condensers“,which is one type of air-cooled condensers ,

As the name implies, in air-cooled condensers air is the external fluid, the refrigerant rejects heat to air flowing over the condenser. Air-cooled condensers can be further classified into natural convection type or forced convection type.

Refrigerator Condensers just take natural convection type, In natural convection type, heat transfer from the condenser is by buoyancy induced natural convection and radiation. Since the flow rate of air is small and the radiation heat transfer is also not very high, the combined heat transfer coefficient in these condensers is small. As a result a relatively large condensing surface is required to reject a given amount of heat. Hence these condensers are used for small capacity refrigeration systems like household refrigerators and freezers. The natural convection type condensers are either plate surface type or finned tube type. In plate surface type condensers used in small refrigerators and freezers, the refrigerant carrying tubes are attached to the outer walls of the refrigerator. The whole body of the refrigerator (except the door) acts like a fin. Insulation is provided between the outer cover that acts like fin and the inner plastic cover of the refrigerator. It is for this reason that outer body of the refrigerator is always warm. Since the surface is warm, the problem of moisture condensation on the walls of the refrigerator does not arise in these systems. These condensers are sometimes called as flat back condensers.

In the following for example of refrigerator condensers

the condenser tube (in serpentine form) was attached to a plate and the plate was mounted on the backside of the refrigerator. The plate acted like a fin and warm air rose up along it. In another common design, thin wires are welded to the serpentine tube coil. The wires act like fins for increased heat transfer area. Figure 22.2 shows the schematic of a wire-and-tube type condenser commonly used in domestic refrigerators. Regardless of the type, refrigerators employing natural convection condenser should be located in such a way that air can flow freely over the condenser surface.


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